How to Use ID3 Tags for Your Podcast

An MP3 file contains information about the artist, album, genre, etc. This info is stored in what is called ID3 tags. iTunes and Windows Media Player use these tags to organize your MP3s.

Since your podcast will be floating around the internet, anyone could pick it up from anywhere. One person might get it from a directory. Somone might send the file to a friend by e-mail. The point is that they won’t always get your podcast from your site.

You can use ID3 tags to store important information (such as your web address) about your podcast in your MP3 file. This will make sure that anyone who is listening to your podcast can find your web site and come back to listen to more.

Why Use Your ID3 Tags

You want to be sure that any listener can look at the information in their media player or on their iPod and know what your podcast is and where it came from.

This is why it’s important to complete your ID3 tags in the right way. Your ID3 tags should have your podcast’s name and your web site at the very least. That way, when someone plays your podcast on their MP3 player, the name and web address will show up on their screen.

You want anyone to be able to find your site and your podcast even if all they have is one of your MP3 files.

How to Edit Your ID3 Tags

You can change the information in the ID3 tags in iTunes. Select the file you want to change, right-click and choose Get Info. Then click on the Info tab and fill in the data.

It’s important to use your tags properly so that if someone is listening to the MP3 and can’t remember where they got it, they can immediately see what they’re listening to.

If you don’t use the tags correctly (or worse not at all) then it’s more likely for your podcast file to get lost in the middle of all your listener’s other MP3s.

Now your podcast is ready to be published to the internet. First we need to find hosting for your podcast audio files.

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