Free Podcast Hosting: The Casual Hobbyist Solution Step-by-Step

Now we’ll take a look at how to set up free podcast hosting. This solution is ideal for the casual hobbyist podcaster but has limitations when it comes to dependability and control. I talked about this in the podcast hosting section.

If your podcasting goals are related to business or involve a medium- to large-sized audience, then I suggest you choose one of my other podcast hosting recommendations. This free solution won’t work for everyone.

If you’re NOT planning on using my free podcast hosting recommendations, then you can skip this page and continue reading on the next page about preparing and uploading your podcast file.

NOTE: There are video tutorials available on this page. They are marked with a icon. When you click a tutorial link, it will open the video in a new browser window.

To play the videos, you will need to download the latest version of the free Flash player. The best way to view the video tutorial is with your browser in full screen mode. You can switch your browser in and out of full screen mode by pressing F11. Try it now.

You’ll recall that in my outline of the free podcast hosting solution for the casual hobbyist podcaster I recommend using the following.

Ourmedia: mp3 file storage

Blogger: blog service and host

Feedburner: to create a podcast-ready RSS feed

Now let’s get started setting up your free podcast hosting with these three services..

Creating an Ourmedia Account

How to Create a Blogger Account

How to Configure Blogger for Podcasting

Creating a Feedburner Account

Now that you have created a feedburner account and feed, your blog is podcast-ready. You want to make sure to make your feed address available to your visitors and listeners.

A common way to do this is to include a small orange icon that says RSS, XML, or Feed to your blog site. These icons are often called chiclets. You may have seen this in the sidebar of other blogs. The following video will show you how to add a chiclet to your blog sidebar in Blogger.

Adding a Podast Feed Chiclet and Link to Your Blog Sidebar

Now that you have your free podcast hosting all setup, let’s take a look at how to prepare your file to be uploaded.

Podcast Publishing: A Filename for Your Podcast >>

<< Podcast Hosting

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