About Me

Jason Van Orden has an uncanny grasp for internet marketing and online media strategy. Now one of the most sought after new media consultants, he knows how to use new media to magnetically attract droves of new customers, boost sales to record rates and turn fledgling businesses into market leaders that generate six-figures in sales each year.

Jason teaches you how to take your marketing and business to the next level – and beyond – by using powerful, new media strategies to attract a loyal following of new and repeat buyers.

“I’ve been following your stuff for a while now and have largely improved what I have in my current day job – a full-time MD. Since I started applying stuff from your show, my annual gross income has since gone up from about $130k to $216k.”

— Peter B., M.D.

Internet Marketer, Media Strategist, Coach

Just as he’s helped hundreds of others to launch profitable internet businesses (allowing their owners to declare independence from the numbing 9-to-5) and successful marketing campaigns, Jason’s battle-tested marketing strategies will significantly fire up your sales and fatten your bottom-line regardless of your industry or the economy…even if you’re just getting started with your online presence.

Many of Jason’s clients are now top-featured podcasts in iTunes and are now viewed as the go-to-person in their respective markets.

I did a search in iTunes and guess what: I’m #1! I jumped above all my competitors. So thank you, Jason, for being my virtual podcasting mentor.

— Lisa Cooke, Genealogy Gems

With Jason, you don’t get a bunch of theoretical advice. He practices what he preaches on a daily basis. In 2005, Jason co-founded Internet Business Mastery – the #1 podcast about internet business and marketing even over global powerhouse firms such as Deloitte and best-selling authors such as Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad).

Jason was the first to crack the code for getting maximum exposure in iTunes. He wrote about his podcast marketing methods in the popular book, Promoting Your Podcast, which for a time was the #1 book in Amazon’s broadcasting category.

Jason’s innovative strategies have made him a well-respected source of information among journalists and many of today’s top marketers.

Jason Van Orden tells us everything a good guerrilla marketer should know about podcasting.

— Jay Conrad Levinson, Author, Guerrilla Marketing

Jason’s free tutorial site, HowtoCreateaPodcast.com, is the #1 site for learning how to podcast, according to Google and its tens of thousands of monthly visitors who rave about its easy-to-follow articles and video tutorials. Jason’s book and tutorial site have been used as curriculum in numerous university and high school classrooms.

From Would-Be Rock Star to International Speaker

Ever since his days on stage as a rock guitarist, Jason has always enjoyed performing in front of live audiences. He now channels that energy into high-profile speaking engagements at industry events including the New Media Expo, the National Association of Broadcasters, CES, Streaming Media East, the Corporate Podcasting Summit in London, the Antigua Literary Festival, the Learning Annex, BlogWorld Expo and the New York City Podcasters Association.

Jason has been one of the most popular speakers at our events. He exceeds the expectations of the audience. I appreciate speakers that make my conference a “must-attend” event. Jason is definitely one of those speakers.

—Tim Bourquin, Founder of the New Media Expo

Escaping the 9-to-5

Jason enjoys helping others take bold, effective action to attain their highest aspirations in life and business. In 2003, he took his own personal plunge when he quit the corporate 9-to-5 cold turkey and left a high-paying position as an audio software engineer to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams.

Since then he has never looked back. Aside from taking care of business, Jason enjoys traveling with his wife, Melanie. Their location-independent lifestyle has taken them from Buenos Aires, Argentina to New York City and most recently has led them to Portland, Oregon.

Jason grew up in Alaska and although he has never seen Russia, he has had his share of close encounters with bears, moose and other inhabitants of the wilderness. He also enjoys telling the story of his family’s adventure-filled trek driving the Alaska-Canada Highway in a yellow school bus that they gutted and filled with their worldly possessions.

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